Ill Bill & Stu Bangas – Cannibal Hulk [Album Stream]

Ill Bill and Stu Bangas unleash their new joint project, “Cannibal Hulk”.

“This is one of those records that appears to be about something obvious but is actually about something else entirely,” Ill Bill told hhdx. “Once listeners realize not who but what ‘Cannibal Hulk’ is, they trip and bug out off the record even more. There’s a twist to it. You’re gonna have to watch the videos and listen to the album yourself to know what I’m talking about, but it’ll be worth it.”

“Being a comic book fan since before I knew how to read, a lifelong Hulk and Marvel fan, this project is the most fun I’ve had working on an album in a long time,” he continued. “It encompasses what made me fall in love with comic books and hip hop in the first place. It transports you somewhere else and that’s the kind of art I love the most.”

The LP is 10 tracks deep and comes equipped with features from Goretex, Slaine, Vinnie Paz, Snak the Ripper, and Uncle Howie. Press play below and grab a copy here.

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