Reggie Bonds – The Black Man Plight [Audio]

Reggie Bonds hits us with the second installment of his #7DAYTHEORY series, “The Black Man Plight”.

Says Reggie:

This visual was created to understand and to know our plight and the fight we are up against as the colored hu(e)man. but to also view and know thy power. We have went through a lot in our time on this earth but it did not start as a uphill battle that battle was applied once our real power was showcased. But in the time of us being taking into what was called “Slavery” we still did not go down with out a fight and a lot of namely and honorable leaders were born to showcase our unstoppable spirits. These are brief clips that visually show us as a team we can overcome any odds and oppressor as we have showcased in the past. If see your sister, brother, mother, father or neighbor hanging his/her head today give them some motivation as it well needed. Love to my brothers for continually growing with each other and being a helping hand. 🌹

Press play below.

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