TrackBlasters Radio: 14.09.18

Da Fat Friday Afternoon – The Official Soundtrack To Your Weekend!

Host: DJ P.R.

Today, Bombyce takes over the TB Radio airwaves with part 30 of his “Let’s Go Disco” mix series. Press play or hit the download button below.

Happy Friday, ya’ll!

Record Of The Day: Back on Monday!


JKriv – Relaxa
Andy Compton & Shamrock – Nifanyeje
Ron Basejam – Raise
Hotmood – Voyage To The Onda
Chassé – St. Deep
Daniel T – Hit The Streets
Fouk – Chupa Cabra (Fouk Remix)
Bosq – In Orbit
G&D – Rockin
SIRS – Shit (4 in the Morning) (Original Version Mixed by Lovebirds)
Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra – Give It To Me
Al Sunny – Open Up Your Eyes (Patchworks Disco Remix)

Download here (right click and save as…)

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