Ghost Of The Machine feat. Skyzoo – Esco Said [Audio]

“Esco Said” is taken from New York rapper Ghost of the Machine and DJ Proof’s upcoming “Heroes For Hire 2” album.

Heroes for Hire is a classic Hip-Hop duo created by MC Ghost of the Machine and Producer DJ Proof. Ghost of the Machine reached out to DJ Proof back in 2016 and they linked up and created a timeless sound. With Ghost of the Machine being a fan of comic books and both DJ Proof and Ghost feeling the responsibility of keeping the legacy of Hip-Hop alive they came up with the group name, Heroes for Hire. Ghost of the Machine’s music paints a picture of the daily 9-5 struggle, and day to day triumphs. DJ Proof’s gritty boom bap beats serve as a catalyst to Ghost’s spoken word. Heroes for Hire harness sharp lyricism/production in every song to contradict what is lacking in the current state of this medium of Hip-Hop.

Watch the video for “Esco Said” below.

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