CashUs King – The Birds, The Bees (And Everything In Between) [Album Stream]

CashUs King hits us with his new album, “The Birds, The Bees (And Everything In Between)”.

Says Cash:

The Birds and Bees is my summation of what the pursuit of love means to me, and from my perspective… love is life and life is love.The two are interchangeable. The Birds and Bees in the literal sense, is what creates life. We make love to create life, and that cycle is what creates mankind. This project is my ode to love and everything that comes along with the pursuit of it: the loss, the gains, the happiness, the sadness, the pleasure, the pain, the successes, and the failures. I wanted to be totally vulnerable and totally exposed on this project. I’m not worried about the labels. If they call me “emo”, then, so be it. I proudly embrace the label. Hiphop needs more romance, more heart, MORE LOVE.

Stream the 14-track effort below and pick up a copy via Bandcamp.

I’ve also included the visual for “Yo Body Iz…”. Check it out below.

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