G Perico – Foundation (Mini-Doc) [Video]

G Perico is winning over rap fans in droves for his vivid, live-from-the-scene tales of his hometown Los Angeles neighborhood. In the first episode of Foundation, a new mini-doc series from The FADER and Alpha Industries, the South Central artist brushes off his personal accolades to show some sincere love for the community that shaped him.

“Everybody around here is important to my life. Whether I hated them, whether I loved them. They all taught me something.”

The doc reveals a street-level view of G Perico’s friends and neighbors, putting the focus on the corner stores and casual conversations that surround the fast-rising rapper. Despite his growing fame, G Perico is quick to turn the spotlight back on the people around him: “I’m in to represent for a culture that’s demonized, that’s misunderstood. I’m here to speak for them.”

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