KXNG Crooked feat. Eminem – Welcome To Planet X [Audio]


As we approach the most controversial Presidential election in this country’s history, one that has not only created further divisiveness amongst the people residing in it, but one that includes a candidate that is using “Stop & Frisk” as a major policy platform, it has become evident we are living in a complicated and dangerous time. Protests are raging in the streets, State of Emergency’s regularly occur and the societal divide widens so much with every passing day that it seems as if at any moment the pendulum could shift. KXNG Crooked’s Good Vs Evil could not appear at a more needed time.

“Taking place in an alternate reality, “Planet X” kicks off the concept of the entire album. Right away, Eminem provides commentary that lets you know you’re being exposed to a world different than your own” Crooked stated to Billboard. “Similarities like environmental racism, police brutality, extreme poverty, crooked cops and politicians exist, but in this alternate reality the lower class citizens use violence to fight back at all times. So if you’re the governor of Michigan and the people of Flint blame you for its water crisis, they’ll come for your head! I love this record because it touches on topics like the destruction of the middle class, the plight of poor people and it has the presence of my superstar homie Eminem; which forces people to pay attention to the issues the song tackles. Thanks Em!”

Good Vs Evil is KXNG Crooked answering the bell, staring into the face of oppression and striking a nerve. “Good Vs Evil is my medication” Crooked asserted “I either made it, or made the news.”

No Justice, No Peace! You have been forewarned—KXNG Crooked Good Vs Evil 11-11-2016!

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