On The Come Up: Madeintyo [Video]

It’s safe to say you know who Madeintyo is. The rapper put his crew, Private Club Records, on the map following the viral success of “Uber Everywhere,” which continues to be a jam this summer and continues to pile up the remixes/freestyles. Madeintyo has built upon the hit with a steady stream of Soundcloud leaks and a project in April, “You Are Forgiven 2,” but that’s just the beginning for this fast-rising artist. We had to knock out an On The Come Up episode with him real quick, before he exceeded the status. During the interview, Madeintyo speaks on his youth, which he spent in several different cities around the world, including Japan. He also reveals that prior to getting obsessed with rap, he was obsessed with skateboarding and the music that was often paired with it– punk/rock. Later on, he gets into a discussion of his projects, including one of the more exciting ones in the pipeline, “MadeInBoomin,” a joint mixtape with producer-of-the-moment Metro Boomin.

“Last time I was in the studio we knocked out three records, and all of them are fire,” he says of working with Metro. The project is set to be six songs, so they still have a few left to complete. When it comes to an expected release, Madeintyo can’t be too sure but says that “it might be end of the summer.”

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