Ash Riser feat. Waxx – Cut You Off [Audio]


“Waxx and I have been sittting on this record for a while. I had initially produced this track with an alternate first verse and a second verse about a year ago. I had put waxx on the record because it has a certain vibe to it I knew he would be able to vibe with. I had listened to him make the “waxx museum” project and watched him grow so much as an artist it was mad inspiring. We lived together too in k town so the energy while creating was always on point and by this time the two of us had been through some shit together. Thats my brother. We’ve collaborated on so many records that will never see the light of day and 3 or 4 that have, (but that was when I was raping). We did “pull up” when I was still finding my sound, I had finished “Home” (this was before my hard drive crashed and I had to remake the entire project)and was experimenting with auto tune. I think the drugs that night may have had a factor in the tempo being so slow, and me mumbling lyrics in a freestyle with auto tune on, really only emphasizing certain words because it wasn’t about the lyrics, it was about the vibe. This is the first record Waxx and I have made where I felt completely comfortable as an artist and had finally found the sound that had been clawing at my insides and trying to get out to the public for my entire life. Personally, my favorite song we’ve ever done together, production wise I snapped lol, he killed his verse, the hook is catchy, and my verse aint half had either. Hope you enjoy it!”

– Ash Riser

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