Margot Bingham Breaks Down What A TV Sex Scene Looks Like While Filming + Freestyles Live [Video]

Margot Bingham is getting that network money now as her new series “The Family” is now airing on ABC. Speaking on the differences between network and cable she mentions not showing skin like she did in “Boardwalk Empire.” Revealing that she initially turned down the roll because she refused to show full frontal nudity, Bingham speaks on getting the role anyways and the director’s openness to come to a compromise. Joking that on-screen sex scenes will make you incredibly dry due to the constant position tweaking, Bingham opens up about her ability to check camera angles so they weren’t too revealing before they wrapped the scene. Continuing on about the subject Bingham drops gems about nudity in film and television. Her rule of thumb is to always ask herself if showing skin is relevant to the character’s personality. Ending the interview talking about music, Bingham tells Sway that she is currently recording music that should be released early next year before she hits the mic to sing and freestyle.

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