G Herbo Lost $100k Comments On Spike Lee Chi-Raq And Explains Why [Video]

The truth of the youth. Experience is a great teacher and wisdom doesn’t always have to come at an old age. It really all depends on how you deal with and handle certain situations or learn from the ones you’re put in. G Herbo is a great example of that and shows exactly why Chicago has another artist on its hands with serious staying power. He recently stopped by Sway in the Morning to talk about his project ‘Ballin Like I’m Kobe’ but it turned into something bigger than music. As the upcoming Spike Lee film ‘Chiraq’ is set to hit theaters soon, the topic had to be brought up regarding the Windy City youth and how things are moving out there. Nobody can tell that story better than artists like G Herbo who went through it, been in it and expanded beyond it in such a way that he not only inspires them to think different but also putting it in a relatable way through music. Definitely an enjoyable interview that teaches and hopefully that youth center will be created. Don’t forget to grab his latest project ‘Ballin Like Kobe’ as well.

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