Keith Murray Reflects On His Troubled Past: “I’m A Grown Man Now” [Video]

“I just wanna say one thing: Keith Murray used to be a gang member, streetbanger – I’m a grown man now.”
Keith Murray is a changed man, alright. Gone are the days where he’d fight or do a jail stint without hesitation – it’s quite admirable, to say the least. With that being said, the Long Island lyricist has had some notable near-altercations during his time in the limelight, especially the one Fredro Starr mentioned during their battle a few weeks back regarding Tupac Shakur. As the story goes, ‘Pac and a friend stepped to Murray over the controversial remix to LL Cool J’s “I Shot Ya,” as ‘Pac felt it was a diss track aimed at him following the infamous shooting at Quad Studios. As Murray has stated several times in the past, the two of them chopped it up and let bygones be bygones that same night. According to him, if it wasn’t for ‘Pac’s untimely passing they’d probably be cool ’til this day.

“So all the promoters out there, you can count on Keith Murray,” he tells us. “I’m not going to no show looking for no trouble, and I’m not trying to go sit in a cell for the rest of my life for doing something to somebody.”

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