KXNG Crooked: “There’s A Lack Of Honesty In Hip-Hop Right Now” [Video]

These days, a rapper cannot make a comment about another one without receiving backlash for it. With that being said, the lyrical KXNG Crooked visited VladTV to share his disappointments with the game, and according to him, “there’s a lack of honesty in hip-hop right now.” After calling Fetty Wap “horrible,” KXNG Crooked’s brothers added to their comments with us and said Fetty “will never come off as legendary” – and Crooked agrees, to an extent. “I may not like the Fetty Wap song, but I can still respect that’s it a successful thing and I can say salute to him because he’s living his dream…,” he states. “I personally don’t f*** with that. I’m not telling anybody that they should not f*** with it, I’m saying in my personal leisure time, I don’t f*** with that kind of music.” Watch as KXNG Crooked unapologetically opens up about the current state of hip-hop above.

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