Hopsin Details Battling Depression & Being Trolled Online [Video]

Hopsin has been open about his battle with depression, and the Pound Syndrome emcee spoke to VladTV about how he still suffers from it today, but he added that it’s not as bad as when he was in his early 20s. The conversation about his depression also tied into people trolling him online around the world, and Hopsin explained that it’s sometimes hard to ignore the hate. After telling us that he “hates playing the role” of a rapper, Hopsin shared his thoughts about online beefs, and he pointed out that he’s never experienced something similar in real life. Speaking more about his online persona, “The Pound” emcee said that he will never portray himself as flashy, because he believes that he’s just a normal person. Check out more of what Hopsin had to say in the above clip.

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