Curren$y & Stalley: Boyz In The Woodz (Episode 1) [Video]

Listening to the music of Curren$y and Stalley, it’s pretty obvious that these two have mad skills. But do those include any survival skills whatsoever? Judging by the video above, the jury’s still out on that one. In our new series Boyz in the Woodz, presented by Old Spice, Curren$y and Stalley take to the great outdoors to see how much they know—or can hopefully learn—about surviving in the wild. These two may have street smarts that guided them through their respective youths in New Orleans and Northeast Ohio, but that doesn’t mean they know how to do things like start a fire or cook food without the help of modern appliances. Well, a man’s gotta learn how to be a man sometime, so with the help of a bonafide outdoors specialist—a cat who would put both Crocodile Dundee and MacGyver to shame—Curren$y and Stalley are gonna try their damnedest to conquer the woods. Check out Episode 1 above, and be sure to tune-in for Episode 2 next week.

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