Big Sean Interview w/ Nessa [Video]

On the eve of the release of his album, Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean stepped up to talk to Nessa about the album, and the latest in his personal life. After playing the album for Jay Z, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, the Detroit rapper tightened up the album to what you will hear later today. Big Sean opened up on his relationship with Ariana Grande, saying that although time could be an issue, he finds a way to make time for himself and his girlfriend. “I’m focused, she’s focused. To be honest I wouldn’t want somebody who don’t got their stuff going on, who wasn’t focused, about their business, and couldn’t relate.” He also spoke about rumors of a possible future collaboration with Eminem. “We were just in there vibin’. Arguing on which one was better South Park or Family Guy.” Make sure you consider Big Sean the peacemaker though as he speaks on the beef between Drake and Chris Brown. “I just let grown men be grown men…you just got to let people handle their own business.”

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