Chris Brown & Tyga Interview w/ Nessa [Video]

Chris Brown and Tyga came up to visit Nessa today, and they opened up on everything from their music, and answered all the rumors regarding their relationships. When Brown was asked about Drake, he responded honestly by saying that he wanted to stop talking about him while explaining that, he can’t “keep making these mother f***ers famous.” Then he mocked him. Tyga also went in depth about his relationship with Kylie Jenner, when asked about the heartfelt post today on Instagram. “I do it for myself,” he said. “I speak what I feel in my heart.” And despite Chris Brown being friends with Wiz Khalifa, his ex-wife Amber Rose made a scene as she twerked for the singer. But don’t worry, he has no intentions on taking anything further because of his respect for the rapper. “It’s no disrespect,” he said. “As a man it’s friendly, I know it wouldn’t go anywhere further.”

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