Vic Spencer – 24k Visuals Pt. 3 (The Last One) [Stream x Download]


Jesus Christ. Vic Spencer is back with the trilogy 24k Visuals pt. 3 (The Last One) for the Red Button Series: Chapter II and it appears Spencer is once again inspired by St. Louis soul-sensation, Coultrain. A Coultrain sample appears on the other two 24k Visuals, but this song Love….Meaning seems to hit home more for Vic. “I was in a real bad place when I first heard the Coultrain record back in 2008, straight up”, Vic said as he confidently tells me about how why he put Love….Meaning as a intro. “Then I felt happy as fuck, I could have cried right there on the spot because of my love for the game, man. Love really lost a meaning and this record restored it.” Then viciously, Vic murders the intro to Anita Baker’s My Angel that was looped by the infamous DC. It’s so many crazy rhymes in this record. The man said ‘While you was tryna overcome writer’s block, I was in the booth spitting Rikers bars. Most of these niggas that got a fucking blue check should be a fucking brunette..’ Pretty tough verbal affair on this record. He ends the record by adding Dwele’s Frankly My Dear to ensure that he was done making 24k Visuals. We should thank this man for the records that he been churning up for the streets thus far and believe he is going to do the same when his album The Cost of Victory which is slated to drop next month. Shine on, Vic. Shine on.

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