DeJ Loaf: “I Know People Think I’m A Lesbian, But I’m Not” [Video]

Dej Loaf sat down with VladTV and addressed rumors surrounding her sexuality, saying she knows a lot of onlookers think she’s a lesbian because she wears loose clothing. However, she tweeted that she isn’t gay, she just prefers to wear comfortable clothing. She then discusses her crew, IBGM, which stands for I Been Gettin Money. The Detroit native says IBGM is more about a mindstate than anything else and being willing to share the wealth they’ve acquired over time.

After the jump DeJ Loaf talks being starstruck after meeting Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Detroit’s newest voice, Dej Loaf, sat down with VladTV correspondent Jenny Boom Boom and discussed how her locked up family members are reacting to her success, as well as the moment she knew she might be a big star. Dej revealed that her brother is currently in jail, and that she talks to him almost everyday. He’s extremely excited and proud of her success and can’t wait to get home, with Dej saying he should touch down by Thanksgiving. Her cousin, however, whom she shouts out on her song “Try Me,” is serving about 10 years and while she doesn’t say for what, she can’t wait for all of her family and friends who are doing time to come home and get right. The “We Good” rapper also spoke on the first time she felt she had somewhat “made it” after being invited to the Roc Nation Suite at the Los Angeles “Made in America” festival and mingling with stars like Jay Z and Beyonce, which boosted her confidence and made her believe that she’s definitely doing something right.

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