Sage The Gemini On Auto-Tune: “That Sh*t Tight” [Video]

Sage the Gemini explains the meaning behind the title of “Shake it Like a Red Nose,” revealing that it’s not about pit bulls, but rather another way to say “shake that ass.” He then speaks about his own past with pit bulls, saying that at one point he had 24, but they were all sold or ran away. The conversation then turns to autotune after Sage reveals his decision to use it on the aformetioned track, and Sage reveals he’s a big fan of the software. When asked specifically about T-Pain, Sage says he loves the rapper/singer’s work and adds that he doesn’t need autotune to sound better. As for himself, the “Gas Pedal” rapper doesn’t think he needs autotune either, but adds that it “help you hit that note a little better.”

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