Cookin Soul x Reell [Video]

Cookin’ Soul is the name of the duo (Big Size & Zock) of producers/djs straight out of Valencia, Spain. With production features in over 200 albums and mixtapes worldwide, Cookin’ Soul is the first european hip-hop production team to really stand out overseas by making hits from Harlem to Compton. Also recognized worldwide by their infamous mashups, mixtapes and remixes usually refered as “better than the original” with more than 3.000.000 downloads. When outside the studio and while performing on their dj sets in clubs all over the planet you’ll always hear a diversity of music at a Cookin’ Soul event: Soul & Funk, Reggae, Rock, Trap, 90s & of course the Hip-Hop and mashups brand of the house. Catch them performing dj sets around the globe… Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Chile, Amsterdam, Madrid, Barcelona…

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