The Art Of Storytelling: Mistah F.A.B.’s “I Found My Backpack” Series [Video]

A lot of music listeners who know Mistah F.A.B. have put him into a box. They know him from the Hyphy movement and when that died down, some felt he did too. Quite the contrary, this made F.A.B. work harder to establish being a versatile artist and also return to his roots. This is where his I Found My Backpack series came from. In the latest edition of SD’s The Art Of Storytelling, the Bay Area native discusses what lead to the series, feeling that the second volume could’ve been even bigger, why he’s ending with the forthcoming third installment (sub-titled The Last Bag) and more. In the vast world of music, there’s an endless amount of stories floating around the creative process. A lot of these tales don’t actually get told to the general public, instead they remain in the mind of the artists who’ve crafted these records and the people around them. The big singles and worthy collaborations always end up getting explanations explained but what about everything that makes up the heart of an album in between? That one deep song, what inspired it? Many questions arise and thus, The Art Of Storytelling was born. This series is meant to breakdown the creations of particular records and projects that have never been explained before in-depth.

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