Chuuwee – Crown Me King [Album]

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01. Chuuwee – West Francia [Prod. By P.Beats]
02. Chuuwee – Keep It Real (Feat. Mean Doe Green & Chez) [Prod. By ENG]
03. Chuuwee – Rule The World [Prod. By Sauce Fonda]
04. Chuuwee – Comin’ Up [Prod. By ENG]
05. Chuuwee – The Crown Don’t Make You King (Feat. Don Trip & Dj Next) [Prod. By The Audible Doctor]
06. Chuuwee – Pride & Prejudice [Prod. By Jonathan Lowell]
07. Chuuwee – The Great American Race [Prod. By The DrummAddictz]
08. Chuuwee – Smoke One For Doom (Feat. Abstract Ninjaa) [Prod. By ENG]
09. Chuuwee – Murder Over Jordans [Prod. By Swoots]
10. Chuuwee – The Emperors New Mood [Prod. By Sundown]
11. Chuuwee – Scribe (Exterlude) [Prod. By Insightful]
12. Chuuwee – The King Of Queens [Prod. By GoldenChild]
13. Chuuwee – Chariot [Prod. By Swoots]
14. Chuuwee – Your Highness [Prod. By Drian]
15. Chuuwee – Southside Sunsets (Feat. Allen Guevera & Hopie) [Prod. By DAIMS]
16. Chuuwee – Le Pere Du Peuple [Prod. By J.Blow]
17. Chuuwee – Glorious Revolution [Prod. By ENG]

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