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Back in February my man Five Steez released the “War For Peace” free album sampler as an appetizer to the full project, which is supposed to drop later this year. Now he’s asking you to assist him in raising some funds to bring this album to you. You can support the project here. And trust me, it’s gonna be dope!


I am Five Steez, up-and-coming Hip Hop artiste from Kingston, Jamaica.

Although Hip Hop began with Jamaican-born DJ Kool Herc, much of Jamaica is unaware of this fact. The country celebrates Hip Hop like all popular music, which is played locally, however, Jamaica and the world has yet to see a Jamaican rapper from the island gain mass support. Hip Hop is not new in Jamaica as there have always been MC’s and there are now more than ever before. I am one of many, however, due largely to an industry that caters only to Dancehall and Reggae, Hip Hop artistes (and artistes of all other genres) have been denied the traditional opportunities (local producers, stageshows, radio) for exposure.

Despite the circumstances, I have made a name for myself locally and developed an online international following. I have released mixtapes – amongst them a 3-part series with New York radio icon, DJ Ready Cee – that have been supported by Hip Hop blogs and downloaded by tens of thousands worldwide. I have performed locally and overseas and I have been featured from time to time in all forms of local media (eg. Jamaica Gleaner). Most recently, I became one of the only rappers to ever appear in the Reggae magazines, Riddim and Backayard.

I am proud yet extremely grateful because I have done it all so far as an independent artiste. I am my own manager, publicist and many times, my own recording and mixing engineer, amongst other roles. This also is a heavy load, which I bear out of love for the art.

For me, 2012 marks the year I will release my debut album, ‘War for Peace’, for which I have released a free sampler ( The album is for people in the struggle seeking peace, which is all of us. It is about regular experiences and of course, my own unique journey as an artiste.

Some people may imagine a man in a Bentley wearing a diamond chain when they think of a rapper. Nothing could be further from the norm. I’m true to the essence of this art. That is the ethic in my music. I am also true to my supporters and I intend to give the people the music they need for their souls. I need help to do so, however. The reality of being an independent artiste is that we can always use any form of support.

Building a musical career or simply, recording and releasing an album, is a huge investment of time, energy and MONEY. I have completed my album… the music, the artwork, the paperwork, everything! Now, I must effectively promote and release the album. This will take a great deal of planning and also more funding than already invested and is currently available.

Now, I am kindly asking you to assist me in raising some funds to bring this album to you. The total amount that I would like to raise is US$1,000, which is a very small portion of what it will take me to effectively market and promote my album.

With US$1,000, I intend to manufacture 100 copies (approx. US$500) and use the rest to help myself shoot a music video (approx. US$1,000).

There are rewards for various amounts donated, however, persons outside of Jamaica will only be able to get the album shipped to them and meet me via ‘Skype’, unless I am travelling to their area or they are coming to Jamaica.

Much respect for taking the time to read this. If you support by donating and/or sharing, thank you for helping me on my journey. I hope the music will help you on yours as well and I shall honour your contribution to me.


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