Fam-Lay – Skrung Owt [Video]

Fam-Lay’s rare, Neptunes produced song “Skrung Out” gets sex, drugs, and paranoia fueled new visuals from director Shomi Patwary and co-director Richard Perkins. The beat itself was composed while Pharrell watched Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”, look for the film’s cameo in the video.

There’s more info on that joint after the jump.

A lost production from Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo’s paradigm shifting Neptunes days, Virginia rapper Fam-Lay’s track “Skrung Owt” finally receives a long awaited and anticipated music video through street style oriented content site KarmaloopTV.com.

A leak of Skrung Owt has been traded by Neptunes and Fam-Lay fans for years. Cultural agitator-du-jour Tyler the Creator even borrowed the instrumental for his mixtape track “Splatter,” garnering almost 3 million plays on YouTube. Director Shomi Patwary captures the ominous and desperate mood of Fam-Lay’s song with jarring perfection; the beat itself was composed while Pharrell watched Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining,” a tribute to which can be seen in the video. Additional visual direction is provided by photographer Richard Perkins, who’s photos were recently published in the esteemed Hamburger Eyes zine.

Fam-Lay’s criminally delayed and relentlessly discussed Train 2 Go LP continues to elude a release date, but the half-a-decade old “Skrung Owt” proves it’s timelessness matched with Patwary and Perkins’ fresh visuals. KarmaloopTV’s debut and production of Skrung Owt punctuates the sites shifting focus to provocative music videos, following its debut last month of the acclaimed @LILINTERNET directed Diplo “Express Yourself” video and the recent addition of prolific guerilla director Shomi Patwary to its creative team.

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