Reebok Classics: Classic Sessions w/ brandUn DeShay [Video]

Reebok Classics, in association with Reed Space, launched its first NYC-based ‘Classic Sessions’ event this week featuring the pairing of producer/rapper BranDun DeShay and art brotherhood Rifraf & Romeo Rex in the Lower East Side, New York. The concept began as a film-based program in the UK where, starting with an all-white room, an artist and musician would collaborate and create an online visual design and sound experience – a collision of creative talent. Upon working with jeffstaple of Staple Design and Reed Space the idea quickly grew into a street-level experience that was both physical and digital. The space on the Lower East Side of New York at 145 Orchard Street was designed to provide a location where young musicians and artists can meet, collaborate and create in full view of the public. For those who want to get up close and personal, the space will be open to the public on select days where they can view the art and listen to the sounds of the space.

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