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L.E.$. – Settle 4 LE$ Volume 2 [Mixtape]

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01. Top Of My Game (Prod. by Mr. Rogers)
02. Cali’ (Prod. by June James)
03. Want It All (Prod. by Mr. Rogers & Stunt N Dozier)
04. 3rd Coastin’ (feat. Killa Kyleon & Paul Wall) (Prod. by Cardo)
05. Higher (G-Mix) (feat. Jhene Aiko) (Prod. by Mr. Rogers)
06. RidingInMrRogersNeighborhood (Interlude)
07. Smokin’ Exotic (feat. Slim Thug) (Prod. by Mr. Rogers)
08. Candy Coated (Prod. by DSF)
09. My Life (Prod. by DJ Burn One)
10. Wanna Live (Prod. by Cardo)
11. Gangsta (feat. Boss Hogg Outlawz) (Prod. by Mr. Lee)
12. Get What You Give (Prod. by Stunt N Dozier)
13. I’m On It (Prod. by Cardo)
14. Smoke Break (Prod. by Mr. Rogers)
15. Mothership (feat. Bun B) (Prod. by GL Productions)
16. Having Thangs (Prod. by Stunt N Dozier)
17. Shut It Down (feat. Slim Thug & Chamillionaire) (Prod. by Mr. Lee)
18. So What (Prod. by Cardo)

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