Southern Hospitality Presents No I.D. On The Track Let The Story Begin [Mixtape]

Download: Southern Hospitality Presents No I.D. On The Track Let The Story Begin

Hearing first Kanye, and then of course Jigga, reference No I.D. in recent years was a truly heartwarming moment for all those who’d been such rabid fans in the 90s of both his early production work for Common and of course his own criminally slept on album with Dug Infinite ‘Accept Your Own And Be Yourself (The Black Album)’. However, that was nothing compared to him recently being named Vice President of Def Jam, a worthy position for someone who never stopped working and has had, and is clearly still yet to have a massive influence on hip-hop music. In fact despite various dope production credits dotted throughout the last decade, it would seem that he’s having more than a minor renaissance with his stellar work on much of the Big Sean album, records with others from the new generation J. Cole, Ed Sheeran, Wale etc. and perhaps most significantly his re-uniting with Common on the killer new records he’s been releasing; not to mention that new Nas album.

This therefore, much like our other producer mixes for the likes of Rick Rock, Droop-E, The Dream, Mr. Lee, Ryan Leslie, Teddy Riley etc, is our dedication to No I.D. Featuring his production (and some co-production) work from back when he began using the name (previously Immenslope for Common’s first album) it includes jams from the 90s, 00s and now – including album tracks, singles – a few guest appearances and solo cuts from the man himself and just hella dope rap music! Whilst by no means is this meant to be comprehensive – it hopefully shows why he’s not only stayed in the game after mentoring one of rap’s biggest stars (word to Kanye), but that his contribution is perhaps now at its most significant.

Props: Southern Hospitality

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