Slim The Mobster On Meeting Dr. Dre For The 1st Time

Slim The Mobster sat down with VIBE recently to talk about Dr. Dre, his “War Music” mixtape, meeting Eminem and more. Here’s an excerpt of the interview where Slim talks about how he met Dre for the first time.

VIBE: We know that you’ve been down with Dr. Dre for a couple of years now but for the new cats can you explain how you linked up with him and got signed to Aftermath.

I went to the studio with a CD in like 2008 and left my number on a lottery ticket and he called me back and I been with him ever since.

VIBE: So was that just a spur of the moment thing? You found out where Dre was going to be and you were just like ‘I’m going for it’ ?

I didn’t know if he was going to be there, I just knew that’s where he worked. It just worked with my timing and he was pulling up.

VIBE: Were you were able to put your CD in his hand and not his manager or whoever?

Nah it wasn’t his man, I gave it to his security (shout out to the Mayor). But Dre was actually right there, he was in his car but I didn’t want to walk up on him so I gave it to his security and literally like 10 minutes at the most, he called me back.

VIBE: Do you remember the first thing he said to you?

Yeah, he told me he liked my music and he wanted to talk to me.

VIBE: So after that initial call what came next on your journey to Aftermath?

We only talked for like 5 minutes and he asked if I was patient because he had a lot of things going on at the time—I think he was in the process of just working on Em’s album or something. I told him I had all the time in the world.

VIBE: Was it a slow process after that?

I wasn’t signed until almost two years later.

VIBE: So was it a trial process, were you in the studio with Dre and kind of feeling it out.

Yea from time to time I would be in one studio and then the other studio and that was that.

VIBE: Was it a learning process for you? Working with someone like Dre isn’t an everyday occurrence.

Everything is a learning process but this was new to me so yea this was a big learning experience for me and all these things came into play later because when you’re dealing with someone as good as he is you have to learn and pay attention.

VIBE: There’s no way around it, just be on your “A” game at all times, right?

Of course especially when you know he’s watching and I know he watches the [smallest] shit , like when we went out wherever and he wanted to see how I acted and how people responded to me and [vice versa] and I guess I did pretty good.

VIBE: So it was like Dre wanted to get to know you as a person, as a well- rounded individual versus as just a rapper?

You know what the funniest thing is, for him to be like this big mogul but he knows everything that happens in the street and I don’t know how he knows about it. Like, how do you know that, who told you that? That’s the craziest shit to me, he knows things that are going on in the hood and it’s like where does he get this from.

VIBE: That’s crazy. At any point on your Aftermath journey did you ever think ‘maybe it’s not going to work out”?

I’m going to keep it 100% real with you, and I’m probably not even supposed to say this—I make more money now than most people he’s put out for big tours.

VIBE: Just off of working with Dre, you’re saying?

Yeah. Like can you imagine what Oprah gives to her friends and shit? Like c’mon man, knock it off, so I don’t know how they got frustrated. I’m not frustrated—I feel good about it, I’m comfortable, got all my little issues out the way. I’m more focused on my music, I don’t got to worry about the judges and the juries and all those people.

VIBE: Dre even said in a recent interview that you and Kendrick were probably the last two artists he was going to work with ever. How does that make you feel?

I feel like a legend in the making. That’s a hell of a title, we the last, I guess they save the best for last.

VIBE: Was Dre present for the whole process of recording War Music?

Nah, a lot of my recording I do on my own too. I really did this because people were wondering like can he rap? Can he do this or that so this is more for the people who really don’t know who Slim is, but there’s a lot of people who know I am and don’t appreciate the things that I’ve done.

Head over to VIBE for the full interview.

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