G.R.A.M.Z. Interview w/ BlowHipHopTV [Video]

“Revolution is life. Everyday you should wake up feeling like you want to innovate and start something new.” Wanting to be associated with more that just street references, GRAMZ describes his name as also being an acronym for “gradually revolving around music.” While it is quite rare for an artist to have such a wide scope and remain convincing, GRAMZ stands out as an emcee that can play in both realms while maintaining a real sense of authenticity in every aspect.

With a strong emphasis on his complex Gemini nature, GRAMZ establishes himself as a dynamic artist, with music that can easily be bumped anywhere from Soho lounges to the grittiest 4am basement. On one side you have a conventional emcee with lyrics that can appeal to the average hip hop enthusiast, while on the other, you’re given a genre bending experimentalist with a lifestyle that can only be described as loco. It is this vibrant energy that allows him to blend raw lyrics, drum and snare house kits, and dub step sounds that is sure to ignite the party. The positive energy also carries over into his regard for upcoming rappers in his class. He states that he is part of a new renaissance of new young artists who aren’t afraid to take creative risks while at the same time revitalizing its roots.

Be sure to spread love and look out for his upcoming project Malclom’s Little Green Car, which will be hitting the web soon, and check out his latest video “15 Cent”.

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