Shaolin Jazz Presents The Gil Scott Suite [Free EP]

Shaolin Jazz presents The Gil Scott Suite; a tribute to the late Gil Scott-Heron. The EP contains 3 tracks that feature samples from his work blended with select Wu-Tang acapellas, along with cover art created by Shamona Stokes; winner of the Shaolin Jazz Cover Art Remix contest.

The Shaolin Jazz—The 37 Chamber, the original incarnation of the Shaolin Jazz concept originated from graphic designer Logan Walters’ fascination with vintage Blue Note covers, and subsequent creation of an animated series of Wu-Tang album covers based on that aesthetic. Gerald Watson, while interviewing Walters, was inspired to manifest the images into an actual Wu-Tang/jazz inspired album and brought on DC based DJ 2-Tone to help him see out the project.

Download: Shaolin Jazz Presents The Gil Scott Suite

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