Method Man Explains Why He Teamed Up With Sour Patch Kids

“Sour Patch has always been one of my favorite candies so I jumped at the opportunity. But my apprehension was ‘this is for kids, where do I fit in at this equation at?,’ explains Method Man of his first South Patch Kids commissioned music video. “They were more or less like ‘well you can be you. You don’t have to water it down or nothing.”

Making his mark as one of the most visible members of the Wu, Meth was quick to branch out and extend his talents past just rapping. His Hollywood career has made him a house hold name—thanks to movies like How High.

Though the Staten Island native always maintained his credibilty as an authentic hip-hop artist, endorsing a candy may not be accepted with open arms by all Method Man fans.

“I felt like okay people can’t understand this, then they’re idiots. Cause if you honestly look at it it’s still a hard song. “I credit the people over there because like I said they gave me the okay to do Method Man.”

via VIBE

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