Chip$ – The Adventures Of A Couch Potato [Mixtape]

Download: Chip$ – Couch Potato

01 No Fruits, No Veggies
02 La Bamba
03 Ponzi Scheme
04 Fish Fry ft. Danny Brown
05 Bootleg Cable
06 Christine LaGrande
07 Criminal Enterprise ft. Dusty McFly, Boldy James, Keely
08 Calculator
09 TurdInaBucket ft. Dopehead
10 Upstanding Community ft. DumbNDumber
11 Throwin A Party ft. GT, Sheefy, Buzz
12 Flinstoned Vitamin ft. Shan
13 Godzilla
14 Chubb Rock Is A Fat Bitch And Should Have Become A Doctor ft. Earlly Mac, JayJohn
15 Horny Zebra ft. Danny Brown, Keely
16 Manoogian Memoirs
17 Couch Potato

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