Juelz Santana Confirms “I Can’t Feel My Face” Album With Lil Wayne

“It’s something that Me and Wayne been working on —a project that we been promoting the name,” Juelz tells VIBE a week after Young Money President Mack Maine revealed the project was brought back off hiatus.

“So you know —Me and Wayne actually talked and decided that it was the perfect time to get together. We just piecing together the music that we already had—that people ain’t hear— along with—he sent me about 8 new records.”

While Juelz maintains that their personal relationship was never an issue in the album’s delayed release, label politics and outside factors were the biggest causes for the extreme delay.

“We got a great relationship—whether the album was coming out or not—me and him would still be rocking hard,” says Juelz.

Lil Wayne’s skid bid and the Harlem native’s own legal issues also played a part in the hold ups. However, hopeful fans can be assured that their first ever duet album will become a reality in the near future.

“I think the people that want to hear that album want to hear just me and Wayne. I think the best thing for us to do would just be to get with some great producers.”

via VIBE

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