N.i.C – Macallan 12 [Mixtape]

Download: N.i.C – Macallan 12

If you like drinking whiskey and talking about music, or conversely, if you are also coping with a dead-end job and listless prospects, then you are just like me and I made this project just for you! There are no jobs. We should do what we want. Drink and be merry.N.i.C of iLL-Literacy

01. “Freestyle”
02. On My Job
03. Between the Lines
04. Dean and Frank’s Interlude
05. New Dress
06. Tell My Luck
07. Beastmode (Feat. Dahlak and Ashley Johns)
08. Ron’s Interlude
09. Told Ya
10. Simple Flow
11. It’s in the Blood

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