Pharrell Talks About The State Of Music & Praises Rick Ross

“If you notice every five years music changes and every ten years the decade previous is completely unrecognizable,” P says on the state of music. “Everything is cyclical.”

Pharrell names Rick Ross as one of hip-hop’s current MVPs.

“The way Ross is killing it right now. It’s been a minute since the last time we had somebody like him to come out and do what he’s doing or like a Wayne,” Pharrell tells VIBE.

“It’s just completely authentic. [Ross] knows what he wants to do —knows his sound, has a style, has a definitive position, has a perspective on the game and what he adds to it and how he’s gonna change it,” he continues. “So music is in a really, really good place now and I’m watching it. I’m in the studio and everything is changing.”

via VIBE

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