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The Questions w/ Mobb Deep [Video]

Posted on June 26, 2017

The Questions with Mobb Deep at the Roots Picnic, 2017, Philadelphia.

R.I.P. Prodigy.

Cookin Soul Salute Prodigy With New Tribute Remix [Audio]

Posted on June 25, 2017

"Prodigy and Mobb Deep's music is all I've been listening since Nas announced P's death on instagram. I still can't believe it. The H.N.I.C., one of my favourite MCs and member of my favourite rapper duo passed away way too early. I've always wanted to create a song using 'Just Step Prelude' acapella verse from 'The Infamous' album so I did it as a tribute to one of the goats on the mic. Been watching a lot of P footage on Youtube aswell so I throwed in some parts of the legendary "Dissing Rappers" car interview. Real fans know." - Cookin Soul

Celebrating The Life & Legacy Of Prodigy From Mobb Deep w/ DJ Premier [Video]

Posted on June 22, 2017

Veteran producer, DJ Premier joined us on Sway in the Morning to remember Prodigy from the iconic hip-hop duo Mobb Deep. The New York rapper died Tuesday at age 42 after being hospitalized for complications from sickle cell anemia. The cause of his death, however, has yet to be released. Prodigy and his partner Havoc released eight albums together as Mobb Deep. Their sophomore project "The Infamous" put them on the map and is considered one of the most important rap albums of all time.

DJ Premier tells us about recently performing with the rapper. He takes it back and explains the making of tracks like "Cop Hell" and the remix to "Peer Pressure". The record "Cop Hell" was originally supposed to be on Mobb Deep’s debut album "Juvenile Hell", however it was pulled due to controversy surrounding Ice-T's "Cop Killer". DJ Premier released the uncut track today in honor of his friend's legacy.

Prodigy – Keep It Thoro (Knxwledge Remix) [Audio]

Posted on June 22, 2017

LA based producer Knxwledge pays tribute to the late Prodigy with a remix of his legendary "Keep It Thoro" off "H.N.I.C.".

Check it out below.

Mobb Deep – Cop Hell [Audio]

Posted on June 22, 2017

Primo pays homage to the late Prodigy with a previously unreleased Mobb Deep track.

DJ Premier has released an "Uncut" version of Mobb Deep's "Cop Hell", which was supposed to be featured on their critically acclaimed 1993 debut album "Juvenile Hell", but got pulled by their record label because of the controversy surrounding Ice-T's "Cop Killer" single at the time.

Press play below.

Atlanta News Anchors Pay Tribute To Mobb Deep’s Prodigy [Video]

Posted on June 22, 2017

Channel 2's Mark Arum and Fred Blankenship are back at it again with an incredible tribute to the late rapper.

Havoc Talks About Prodigy’s Passing [Video]

Posted on June 22, 2017

Prodigy's partner in Mobb Deep thought his death was one of those rumors they hear all the time, and he even joked around about it ... until he confirmed the devastating news hours later.

Mobb Deep – Tim Westwood Freestyle (2000) [Audio]

Posted on June 22, 2017

Hav and P aka Mobb Deep drop a legendary freestyle on Westwood's Radio 1 Rap Show back in 2000. R.I.P Prodigy.