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INeedARaze feat. Alena Williams – Silent Night [Audio x Download]

Posted on June 29, 2017

"Silent Night" is the jazzy, bedroom-ready new single from Washington Heights, NY emcee INeedARaze, who delivers some of his filthiest and most clever rhymes to date over Rusty Mack’s silky production. In the build up to the release of his upcoming project, "Please", Raze has been on a seemingly never-ending creative streak. He’s dropped one standout track after the other, and they’ve all showcased different sides of his artistry. And on "Silent Night", he makes it clear that he’s more than capable of rocking some extra scandalous bars about his game between the sheets. Throughout the track, Raze delivers quotables showcasing his sense of humor as he outlines a particularly lively friends-with-benefits scenario. For instance, peep how he closes the second verse: "Rock solid personality, I happen to be bolder/ Met on the red carpet, dress could barely hold her/ Said ‘I love your shoes, but they look better on my shoulders.'"

Those rhymes segue perfectly into guest vocalist Alena Williams’s smooth vocals on the hook, which adds more jazziness to the already dimly-lit flavor. You can also thank producer Rusty Mack, of Harry Fraud’s SRFSCL for that quality, because the melody provided by those horns is bound to get stuck in your head.

Go ahead and press play, and mark your calendars for the August 3rd release of "Please", which is set to be available through all major digital retailers and streaming platforms.

INeedARaze feat. Jaison Spain – High AF [Audio x Download]

Posted on June 19, 2017

On the latest single off his upcoming project, "Please", New York artist INeedARaze shares an ode to his favorite pastime and, more importantly, his favorite way to cope with all the stress in our modern society. From its atmospherics produced by Rusty Mack to the stoner chorus, "High AF" may sound proudly, well, high as f*ck—and it is!—but it’s also an introspective piece that dives into Raze’s mental state. In between the clever wordplay and punchlines, he reveals his motivations and need to light up because for him, there’s no place he feels more at home. And whereas preceding single "Raze the Stakes" was a murderous showcase of the emcee’s pure rapping talents, the Washington Heights native is back on his songwriting tip with "High AF". The track is a blunted exploration of what makes Raze tick and, of course, his love for marijuana, but it’s driven by melody and focused song structure. It also features strong guest vocals from fellow New Yorker Jaison Spain, who hits all the right notes while embracing the sticky icky on the chorus.

Give the track a spin, and head over to HYPEDDIT for the free .mp3 download. Stay tuned for more leaks off "Please", which is due out on July 3rd!

INeedARaze feat. Rob Johnson – Right Thru U [Audio x Download]

Posted on May 22, 2017

Inspiration keeps striking New York artist INeedARaze, whose past few months have been filled with crazy-consistent single drops such as “Double Dutch” and “Belly of the Beast.” And that trend continues going strong today with the release of his latest banger, “Right Thru U,” featuring singer Rob Johnson and production from go-to collaborator Rusty Mack (of Harry Fraud’s SRFSCHL).

Just as he’s shown with his previous singles, INeedARaze remains on fire with his wordplay and creative lyrical content (“Clear as a crystal/ I’m breaking bad) on “Right Thru U.” As the track’s title implies, we’re mostly here to listen to the Washington Heights emcee’s thoughts on seeing through the bullsh*t thrown our way in life. The importance of meditating on this concept almost goes without saying, but it’s absolutely worth reminding one’s self that all is most likely not what it seems.

And as we’ve come to expect on the musical tip, “Right Thru U” is a massive success thanks to the work of Rusty Mack. His layering game is especially on point on this track, as he engulfs the skittering percussion with melodic instrumental bits and cues. Likewise, singer Rob Johnson adds depth to the track’s hook, and you’ll have a hard time not singing along once the track fades (“You ain’t foolin’ nobodyyyyy”).

“Right Thru U” is now available for stream, and can be download au-gratis, courtesy of HYPEDDIT—enjoy!

INeedARaze – Belly Of The Beast [Audio x Download]

Posted on May 8, 2017

Washington Heights-based artist, INeedARaze has been absolutely killing it lately with his steady stream of singles, which now includes the equally raw and harmonious "Belly of the Beast", produced by frequent collaborator Rusty Mack of Harry Fraud’s SRFSCHL.

The track follows the recent release of his stoner anthem, "Double Dutch", which fittingly arrived on April 20. But backed by Mack’s melodic instrumental on "Belly of the Beast", Raze takes a few tokes to level his head before delivering some tough rhymes about overcoming everything trying to break his spirit. He realizes that the reaper may be coming for him at any moment, but he’s not afraid—and he’s going to get what’s his while he still can.

At its core, "Belly of the Beast" is about triumphing over what adversity life may throw your way, and not letting any bullsh*t slow you down. But you also have to make sure to look damn good while doing so, of course. As Raze spits on the second verse, “My soul is in my lyrics/ Give a f*ck how I dress/ Nah that’s a lie, I can’t help but be fresh.”

“Belly of the Beast” is now available for stream via SoundCloud, and can be download au-gratis, courtesy of HYPEDDIT—enjoy!

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